Assign a movement with a consumable product

Having the following warehouse structure:

  • Warehouse

Storage Zone–> View type

Location A → Internal type
Location B → Internal type

I have set the location “Storage Zone” that is a view type in the field “Storage” of the warehouse.

Having this structure, if in production entries is defined a consumable product which there is no stock, when I want to assign the production, I get the following warning:

" The value “Storage Zone” for field “From Location” in “100 u Tower” of “Stock Move” is not valid according to its domain.

“Location type”: !Warehouse;View"

I wonder if when a consumable product is defined in the production entries and the movement has set a location type view, it has to be set automatically the first location is found inside of “Storage Zone”, in that case, it should have been set as “Location A”, letting assign the production without any warning.

I wonder that because, why do I have to define a internal location in the movement if I a product is consumable?

I think this is against the principle design of consumable for which the system can not know where it is by definition.

Because it is a strong constraint on stock move.
If you use consumable you have to define where you pick them but with stock_product_location you can define a default location.

I also tried it with stock_product_location activated, but despite having a default location defined in the product, the warning is rised.

Maybe we should add this behavior when stock_product_location is activated, so if a consumable product has a location defined, the movement has to be set automatically with the default location when you want to assign it.

Makes sense for me, as know we just always use the from location of the move.

So what will the next step be about that? Should we make a new feature about this behaviour?

Yes, it will be great if you can develop the improvement

The issue and merge request adding this functionality can be found here: