Assert isinstance(value, (Model, type(None))

Sir, the previous error is resolved but, assertion error is coming. How to solve it.

Preformatted te
Hr_Hra Replace Scenario


    >>> from proteus import Model, Wizard
    >>> from import activate_modules
    >>> from import create_company
Install hr_hra::

    >>> config = activate_modules('hr_hra')

Create a employee::
    >>> company = create_company()
    >>> employee = Model.get('company.employee')
    >>> party = Model.get('')
    >>> party_cur = party(name='Prashasti')
    >>> employee1 = employee(company=company,
    ...                      party=party_cur,
    ...                      employee_group='A',
    ...                      employee_status='Regular',
    ...                      primary_phone='9935164850',
    ...	)

It seems you are assigned a value that is not from the proper type.
I guess it is the employee_group which should probably be a instance and not a string.

Sir, employee_group is a Selection field

Well one of them is a Many2One for which you put a string. I do not know which one of your custom field.