Ask for translatable languages on new database


Currently when the users logs on a fresh database all the user interface is shown in English and there is not way to discover if the system is translated to it’s own language.


Add a configuration which request the languages to add (using a multiselection widget). The wizard will set the translatable field to all the selected language and triggger an update of the ir module to load all of the translations.


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Only if no language is set in the configuration file.

What is that?

I do not like very much to have a full update from a wizard to activate a language.
It may be better to have a tool to load a language.

I mean a configuration wizard, the ones that are lanuched on the first run.

Ok so we can add a button on the language to load it, and execute this process from the wizard.

That sounds good. But we should be careful to share as much as possible the code in trytond/modules/

I’ve just filled Issue 9172: Add language configuration wizard - Tryton issue tracker which implements this.