Article identifier?

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is there a generic way to track certain article “individuals” in tryton?

Assumed, I have a batch of hard disks of the same type, each of those has got a product identifier. Can I save this product identifier with the sale when it left my warehouse, in order to search for it - in case of warranty e.g.? In “sales”, I can fill in a “description”, which should be unique to the item sold. But how can I search for that description string?

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Use stock_lot module.

Thank you, Cédric.
This looks like a good solution, when I want to create the identifier myself. But can I type in an identifier, which already is available? - Often, items have a bar code which only needs to be scanned…


You can create the lot number if you do not find it.
But usually you do that when you receive the goods.

Allright. I found I can add an identifier when creating the shipment. I think, I can use it this way.

Thank you very much, good to know there is a generic solution for this task.


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