Are there tutorial on how to create a new feature

I wanted to try and create a new module maybe like a real estate module. Is there a site or will there be a site that can teach me how to create a new package/module in tryton?

also lets say i want to either edit a code in the server or the desktop client what do i need to download? Ive already downloaded server using pip install trytond and am working on installing the desktop client using pip install tryton but at the moment im hit with the error ms C++ 14.0 is required

There is a proposal to add a developer tutorial but is still a work in progress

wow thats awesome. cant wait for it to finish. Is editing the code for the server as easy as just modifying the files that you installed using pip install trytond? or do i need a different method

No, because this files will be overriden when you upgrade the server.

You need to create a custom module which creates new modules and extends the current behaviour.

There is still this :

But it probably will need some changes to work properly on 5.4 (latest iteration was for 5.0)

IMHO this is one of the best tutorial for training Tryton I met.