Application error on login or page reloading in SAO

Hi everyone,

A client has informed us that they often receive an empty error after login or page reloading. The error message is empty, there is only the red error popup.

They are using SAO, not the tryton client.
After some debugging I saw that the error comes from a rpc request either on or The request simply fail, there is no response from the server, the status of the request is 0. In fact I think the server is never reached.

I did some testing and this problem only happens if I have lots of menus opened. Moreover, It does not seem to occur on Firefox, but it happens on chrome or edge. This seems to me like a browser limit of some sort. But this does not occur everytime, if I reload the page one or two times the error does not show up, if I reload again the error may appear again.

When this error happens, either the icons are not loaded or a part of the menu is not loaded.

Has anyone already seen this error and maybe know of a way to correct it ?

This sounds like a rate limit between the client and tryton server. Maybe there is a proxy?
It may be good to analyze the failing response of such request so we may catch them an retry later.

I have no proxy installed or configured on my computer (where I can reproduce the problem just like on the client network). I have Tryton installed via docker on windows 10, I don’t know if it can have an impact compared to a classic install without docker.

In the browser network inspector I don’t see any details about the failed request, there is just an empty error message, and the status is 0.

Could you try to put a break point where the requests is failing?

I have set a break point in the Sao.rpc error function :

Here is the value of this :

And the value of e (error), i and t :
screenshot application error debugger2

Is it what you were looking for ? Tell me if you need more details.