Application Error FORBIDDEN on every click


I installed Tryton for first time, without any module yet, everything go fine, but when I access to the System with my Admin User, when I start, and every time I press a menu options or push button, I get the error popup “Application Error: FORBIDDEN”, without details, I accep the message and I can browse an use Tryton, I forget something? How can I know more details about error? or some of you know how fix? Please appreciate your helps


Modules need to be activate first before you can use it

Could you provide more info about how do you deploy sao?

I suspect that you are not using a client and server from the same series (2 first release number).

Thanks for your Answer Segyo, I installed SAO from


Thanks for our help Ced, I’ll check my versions, but I installed that with pip (pip install trytond and pip install tryton) therefore I would expect that the versions should be compatible jeje


After update to trytond 5.0.5 and clone sao with git clone and have the same issue. I don’t know how to correct it.

Did you use the right branch (i.e. 5.0)?

Yes, I used it. I download from instead and I works fine again.

Could be a problem of permissions. Try to set chmod +x in sao folder and parent directories.

Well the released version or the branch should be roughly the same.
But I guess that since it works again all is well.

Yes, I tried change permission with chmod but without result. I think the trouble is with github with branches, but I’m not sure.

For me, the branch on github are correct but when cloning git is not always clear about what branch you have (not as clear as mercurial).
I’m pretty sure it is because the trunk version of sao was used with the server 5.0. We added a new method which is trigger each time a record is selected. And as this method does not exist in 5.0, it raise a FORBIDDEN error.