An area that users use to donate templates or other code

I am wondering if anyone has uploaded templates for invoices, or other types of code. Is there folder or some area that is already there. In other open source projects I have seen lot’s of donated code snip - etc…


I think I’m not understanding all of your question but if you open invoice.odt in account_invoice you can modify your invoices desing for example. It’s very easy. And if you look for in the web you would find a lot of non official tryton modules that solves different kinds of problems.

May be the question is about sharing modified templates of orders and invoices, to get examples of what can be done.
For example, mine are bi-lingual fr en and not translatable, and use liberation fonts. Terms are modified to Contract instead of Order, general conditions, bank information etc… are included.
Nevertheless, I don’t think my model can help someone because my result is more complex than the one of the code.

The same case for us. We have a really specific template with some legal information asked by the goverment and some specific things of our business. If you what to see what I’m talking about take a look here:

Yes that is in general what I was talking about. WordPress has it and many other open source projects. Not everyone writes a complete module ready for install but maybe a minor enhancement that someone else might need. I’m still a newbie and maybe what I’m talking about is not on but somewhere else.


So the idea would be to have people (designer) sharing a set of odt templates that could be replacement from the standard templates (like invoice.fodt, sale.fodt, purchase.fodt etc.)
As templates may need modification between series, this should be linked to a specific series.
I think this is something we could try to offer (if we receive some templates). But what would be the form? We could provide an open repository. But I’m not sure it will be used because I guess mainly designer will contribute so using mercurial can be a blocker.

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So it may not have happened because of the source code tracker - mercurial? Hmmmm! If that is the case then maybe there should a different site. I am a newbie and really don’t know anything about mercurial ( have only used svn and git). But I am not really talking about tracking source code (although that could be part of the new section). It would seem that many have made changes to there systems and would be willing to share with others. And there could even be a place to better help newbies. I started reading the developer section and found in someones answer to some other question. In the first few paragraphs I discovered the answer to a question I had - why name some of the the tables with “ir” - because it stands for “internal resources”. Stuff like that is a real help!