Amendments needing new items

As talked about Amendment for Sale and Purchase
there is actually a much more frequent case in our purchases where we pull out our remaining hair not being able to add new lines in an amendment.

The case in hand is with plumbing fixtures, where the initial order was for:

  • 4x PVC Tee 90° d40
  • 6x PVC Tee 90° reduction d40 x d25

what happens is that the supplier only had 5x of the latter, so replaces one with a normal Tee plus a PVC reduction d40 x d25 coming up with a simple equivalent (useful 99% of the time).

But we cannot make a single amendment for this as the additional item must be entered on a separate purchase order for inclusion on the supplier shipment.

I feel the interface for amendments could be improved, perhaps simply by providing a ‘panes-of-glass’ interface over the original allowing for add/modify/delete.

Given there is still an issue with over supplies, perhaps this is also a place where returns can more easily be dealt with… (today it seems still a black hole).

IIRC tryton supports to receive a diferent product than the one ordered and it will generate the correct states for the purchase statement.

So for me you just need to update the supplier shipment to include a diferent product and use the origin field to relate it to the correct purchase line.

The everything should work as it was a normal product.

What I notice is that if I point these two articles to the single purchase order line, the generated invoice will make only one line with the original purchase order article and its price which is now incorrect.
Guess that’s why I consider it a genuine amendment.

Maybe that wasn’t so clear, the generated invoice generates only based upon the order and not the supplier shipment, so the additional line is not generated at all but the replaced article is invoiced as if delivered.