Allow user to create a pseudo custom field

Hello Tryton team,
I want allow my users to customize or create input data that they need. (field name and value)

My first idea was like create a One2Many field called “custom data” and a Many2One inside that field.

Does anyone know another approach or better idea? I know is not possible create field on the fly, but I would like my users to customize some part of their input.

You can use a Dict field an allow the user to setup the available attributes by configuration.

The product_attribute module has an implementation of Dict fields that can be used as reference

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Thanks @pokoli I’ll check right now.

I used the module as template and now my custom module works like a charm. Thanks !

Hello @pokoli, Just one last doubt:
is it possible to order the attributes when I click on “Add attributes to the variant.”)
I want by default to show 1,2,3,4 I know I can click on “Nombre” to order but by default?

I read on docs the search_order by name or attribute keyword but works only on configuration menu not in add product variant. Thanks for your help

attribute = fields.Many2One('health_custom.attribute', 'Campos',
    search_order = [('name', 'ASC')],

attributes = fields.Dict('my_custom.attribute', 'Campos',
            ('sets', '=', Eval('_parent_template', {}).get('attribute_set',
                    Eval('attribute_set', -1))),
        help="Add attributes to the variant.")

For me, Dict keys are ordered by definition sequence since Issue 8373: Allow customizing Dict keys order - Tryton issue tracker

Well, seems that I’m sabotage myself. :sweat_smile:

I just created a new one with 1,2,3,4 and seems to work as expected. Thanks sorry for bother.