Allow to print delivery note on drop shipments

We have find several cases where the company want’s to send to the customer a “Delivery Note” for drop shipments. Our customer normally require that the report has the same format as the “Delivery Note” of customer shipments.

As both models share the same fields, we managed to create custom reports that render using the same template. The only diferent is the name of the moves to be rendered.

I think it will be interesting to have such report definition on the sale_supply_drop_shipment module. Do you think this will be usefull?

I find it strange to send a delivery note for a shipment that the company does not delivery.
Normally it is the supplier that should provide this document.

In broker companies that’s not correct because they usually try to avoid any communication between customer and supplier. So all the documentation is created by the company.

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How does it work when the supplier has to do partial drop shipment?

In my experience case (agricultural goods), partial (drop) shipments are very strange to see. It has never happened to me.

In our cases the company sends the documents (by email) because the customer does not know from where the goods are sent.

So they always receive the same format no mather from where the goods are sent. Provably this is specific for companies mixin both drop shipment and customer shipment.

But if you think this is not usefull for standard we can leave without it.

To whom?

But normally the delivery note should be within the shipment.

But it can be generated by the company and sent to the supplier

Indeed but it is a complex workflow as the supplier must tell what is in the shipment then the company adapt the drop shipment and then it send the report.

So I’m not against adapting the delivery note to be usable for both customer and drop shipment.
But I guess such workflow would require some automation with an API for the supplier to push the data and retrieve the report.