Aggregated sale reports

Sergi, I was looking some documentation about this kind of report but I couldn’t find it. Is there some info about them?

Hi Jeroónimo,

There is a reporting folder in the sale menu which opens all the aggregated reports.

THis was added on Reporting of aggregated data which if I remember correctly landed on 5.0 series

Yes, we are using it. They are very useful. It would be great to have a graphical view as we can do in BaBI. Lines, bars, circle. The actual tendencies graphics it’s also great.
What I am now looking for it’s some documentation to understand how it works.

The reports already have some graph view. You need to use the switch view button to see them.

It’s a pitty that we do not have any documentation for it. :disappointed_relieved:
But the usage is quite simple, you open the report and see the data. Double click on a record to see its details.

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