After 7.0 update prices are not fetched in sales

Do you use price lists? Then, list_price have been introduced in the formula. I still need to make my research about the new usage, but change unit_price in the formula to list_price work for me. There was a note on this on the migration.

AttributeError: “stock.move,2164” has no attribute “uom”

uom field from stock move have been renamed to unit. So you need to change the reports that use uom and use unit instead.
For example you have this line in the report:

format_number_symbol(move.quantity, user.language, move.uom, digits=move.uom.digits))

Which should be:

format_number_symbol(move.quantity, user.language, move.unit, digits=move.unit.digits))

The last traceback does not seam to appear on creating a new price list. It seems it’s on rendering some custom report. If you need itertools for you report you will need to include it with the context of the report.