Adding further infos on Article view?

It like to have some more details in the Article view.

My idea is having something similar to the footer in the Party view: eg. “invoices”, “sales”, “abonnements”, “returns”

So in the Article view we might get a similar footer?: “sold”, “in sale”, “warehouse(s)” …

Could you elaborate why you need such details? When should be used? Which is the purpose of storing such data?

For me you have all the 3 information with the “Product Quantities by Warehouses”.
I think such temporal data can not be reduced to a single number.

True, it is not the single number that counts, it is the simple way to retrieve the data just by clicking the link, to get all transactions of an article. I see it very much like the footer link “invoice” in party (same here: the single number doesn’t matter and sure one may get the invoices going to accounting/invoices), it’s the link which makes it simple, nice and comfortable.

I don’t want to store additional data, just to have another, nice way to retrieve it :wink:
In my very special case: The bookshop has a tiny publishing service, and though if an author asks how many books were sold, this seems to me the easiest way to get the info on the fly. But more abstract: I’ld use this feature, eg to easily retrieve a special transaction with a product.

The problem is that similar link from product to orders can result in a very large data set as it grows over time (which is less the case for a single party).

This can be found using the “Sales per Product” or the “Margins per Product” reports.

Thanks for your hints!
Bad for us, we started but didn’t finish the inventory. So far, we haven’t any moves in the warehouses. Through regulations small companies don’t need to keep an inventory (besides some exceptions). We stopped the inventory in eraly January, because to put the data in the wizard was too time-consuming, we definitely under-astimated this task (actually a high percentage of books had to be handled as new articles, needing to be retrieved as meta-data from the wholeseller) …
So, we have two tasks to be done the the next weeks:
(1) Starting another try to scan the inventory (we will use an importer from Jan Grasnick) just to scan into a flat file, so each book will be scanned by ISBN once (eg 3 equal books so three times), import this list and run a script to importing wholeseller data and to create missing articles.
(2) Creating some report to get the information for author statistik (by number and revenue) for the “not warehoused” articles so far.

Be careful that incoming move and inventory are not the same: Sending and receiving deliveries — trytond_stock latest documentation

Also normally the “Sales per Product” is not based on stock moves but on sale lines.
But we are missing the inclusion of the POS sales.

That is what Frederik just made me aware this afternoon :wink:

I’m aware of this, but without the inventory it didn’t make much sense to us to start keeping track of incoming books. Actually we planned to with the start of 2022, just didn’t make it.