Adding an optional 'waiting' step before 'receive' to Supplier Shipment

In some business, we order goods in distant countries so it could take a long time between the order to the supplier and the delivery at the company’s warehouse (if shipped by boat). During this time, sales people don’t have any forecast about the quantities that will be soon delivered until goods are received at the warehouse.
The first solution was to move the “Input Zone” under the “Storage Zone”: in this case, incoming moves are taken in account in the forecast quantities… But we have sometimes a problem that stock people took goods from the Input Zone (which is allowed in this case) but the reception process is not finished (Shipment In is not yet Done).


A feature would be to add an optional step “Waiting” in the workflow between the ‘Draft’ and the ‘Received’ states on the Shipment In. There will be a button ‘Wait’, to switch from ‘Draft’ to ‘Waiting’. This button will stay visible in the “Waiting” state and invisible once the shipment is received.
When clicking on the wait button it will just delete the inventory moves (‘draft’, ‘cancelled’) and recreate them in draft state from incoming moves (It is the ‘Receive’ method without doing a ‘Done’ on the incoming moves). ‘Wait’ button will stay visible in ‘waiting’ state, so you could click on “Wait” button when you do some changes in the incoming moves.
Inventory moves will stay readonly in the ‘Waiting’ state. (to prevent to lose any changes when doing the ‘Receive’ step.
This extra step is not mandatory and you could keep the previous behavior to go from ‘Draft’ to ‘Receive’ if you don’t mind about forecast quantities (or if the shipping of your orders is fast)

With this feature, we could have forecast quantities with the future deliveries (because there will be inventory moves).

What do you think ?

Sounds good.
But these product units will need to be taken into account when make new purchasing orders, so as not to generate repeated purchase orders to the supplier