Add special party identifier which is not in python-stdnum

For the Netherlands I’m missing the Business Number or Chamber of Commerce Number. This number is not in the python-stdnum package because it’s just a number and there is no validation or something like that.

How can I add that number to the list of identifiers on party? Do you accept a review which adds this to the list?

Are you sure there are any validation?

Well if it has a general enough usage, we can accept to add it.

You can enter some details on their website to see which company belongs to the number and they have an API where you have to pay for which does the same. The number itself allows the customer to check if you are the company who you are saying you are.
More information about the number:

You can compare it with the German Company Register Number (Company register) So basically every company in the Netherlands has one.

I imagine that when it is accepted, this will become available in the next major version (6.6) not a bugfix release (6.4.X) right?.

The identifiers are a global list defined in Is is possible for the time being to add the new identifier to that list? I tried to do that, but it doesn’t show up in the configuration.

For me there is at least a validation about the length that it is 8 digits.
So it could be proposed for inclusion in python-stdnum.
Also as there is a service to check the existence, python-stdnum could also accept to have a method to call this API.

Yes but I would prefer it to be in python-stdnum first.

The Selection field can be extended like any field in the __setup__ class method.
In any case the private variable IDENTIFIER_TYPES should be modified.

Indeed that’s something which can be checked.

This is a very tricky one. In their website there is a search function which can be used to search the company based on the input. This input can be the 8 digit number and a company will pop up. A Python script can be used to use that function to validate based on the number.

I will see what they say about it.

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