Add sale flag on party contact mechanisms

I’m configuring a notification email on the sale workflow and I need to identify an specific email from party’s contact mechanisms.
I wonder if adding a new sale flag [1] on contact mechanism (as existing invoice flag) could be a welcomed feature. In notification email we would need to allow choose this type of email.


[1] and probably another flag for purchases

We’ve addes both flags and another for shipments on a customer module. They had three diferent contacts:

  • One for sales/purchases
  • One for shipments
  • Another for invoicing

So in order to send all the notifications to the right contact they use the flags.

But I have to admin that they do not use the flags for all of the parties.

IMHO I do not see with good eyes to have so many flags in general.

Perhaps using a selection or multiselection field would do the trick.

Any module would can add more values to the field if needed.

We did it as well and they are using it because they work with big customer companies with many departments.

+1 to multiselection.

For me, any other usage than invoice is for now too specific to be in standard. I would not want to bloat the user interface for very small use cases.
We added the invoice usage because it is common practice for companies to have a dedicated email address to receive all the invoices. For other cases, I really think using the first one covers most of the cases.

If it is implemented on a selection/multiselection as suggested by @josesalvador I don’t see why it will bloat the UI. The only drawback with multiselection is the field cannot be edited on list view.

I don’t agree, the same argument is valid for sale, purchases or logistics in B2B.

FMPOV you are forced to create a custom module if you want to use the notification email module for sending email for any document other than invoice.

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This is a major drawback for changing to multiselection.

Well let’s agree we disagree.
Accounting department in a company is really a central point. Every invoice should go through it, we can not say the same for the others which may be split per warehouse, locations or business unit.
But indeed for sales and purchases, I think the most expected is that the placing party is notified (which may be different from the shipping and invoicing per Tryton design) and not a predefined address for all orders.
Also now we have a contact on those orders that we could allow to use for notification but for that we need to allow to use contact (limited to email).

No you do not need to use a custom module to use notification email for other document. They will be sent to the primary email address of the party, user or employee. This is a default behavior that sweet most of the cases.

That’s an interesting point. I like the idea of allowing a contact mechanism but I think it will be better to allow all contacts and fallback to the party email if the contact is not an email. This will allow to receive order by phone and send notifications by email to the related party.

On B2B sales if there is the need to notify an specific person of the company it can be used as party (so it will receive the notification) and then set the company as invoice party and shipment party if desired. Then all the notifications will be sent to the right recipient.