Add new category for message board

Because there is a more specific category in which they should go.

It could be discussed for the “Call for election”.

But “Create a subgroup” is clearly an organisational subject. Once the decision is made then it should be a news indeed.

Well it could be viewed that way, that’s why I said that your idea of having clear rules that will never fail won’t work. There is a lot of grey area when classifying discussions that we have to admit.

And, as I can see you coming, no having a “one category fits all and that’s all that we need” is not a good idea either.

No, that is not may idea. My idea is to have a clearer clasification about all of the categories and their usage.

I have some concers about:

I think the tryton forum should be as much inclusive as possible and we should encourage friendly non-offical projects ( and similars) to use our own forum. This way we can benefit for a more wide colaboration and even sometimes gather ideas for non official communities.

If you want to have some disctiontion about official and non-official organization, maybe we just need some tags?

Also what nor clear for me is where official statements should be placed. I had the impression that you want to use “Organization” for that but it is not still clear if that fit to news ot to organization. Maybe we should just need to have some not so important announcements that do not deserve an specific new but include them on the monthly newsletter. Of course we need to decide when a discussion is agreed and when to include them as official statement. I think it is important to do “Offical announcements” because I think there is some people not following the full discuss topic but following just tryton-announces.

For example:

Documentation update was not officialy announced:
Sponsoring was neither officially announced.
Development freeze and release dates are not also officialy announced once published.
If you have a look at the Organization category I’m sure you will find more examples.

To resume I think the proposal can be best described as:

  • Use organization category to discuss ideas on how to improve the project’s organization.
  • Use news to publish offical statements (using monthly newsletter when not so important).
  • Create a new “Message board” to include message that do not fit a better cattegory.

Of course, feel free to update/edit something if I did not understand properly.

Also it is not clear what for me if there should be an internal/external disctintion. We still need to agree on such part.

I kind of agree with this.

The only change I would make it that for me the “Organization” category is only related to organization. I don’t think the new or gnu health or whatever should discuss their own organization there. If they want to use the “Message Board” to do so, it’s OK but this category is for the Tryton project not its spin offs.

I don’t see how having a category that is dedicated to is not inclusive if at the same time the discussion can be held somewhere else.

You could argue by saying that by using the “Message Board” category it’s considering them like second class citizen. But I disagree with that, this is the discourse forum for and it’s obvious that some of the categories are focused only on

:+1: from my POV, official statements should indeed go either in News or the Monthly newsletter.

I think you resolved all my considers and I will be happy to move this topic forward.

I guess we need to create the new category and update the descriptions of the current Organization. Who is responsible for such procedure, do we need to leave some period for others to have some remarks?

Of course, it will be great to include such information on the organization category description.

Maybe we can also activate the resolve feature on the organization category so we will now that an agreement have been raised and once the topic is closed the creator (who made the proposal) must take the action (if any) to proceed with the agreement? Or do you have a better idea?

Make a proposal to be validated…

Resolve feature is to resolve problem. Discussion does not always have a resolution.
Also it will confuse with the support categories.

A proposal on what exactly?

I can not fully understand unless you finish the sentence.

If you do not want to have validation don’t make the proposal and just directly take the action. But in such case I guess we won’t find the best solution as colaboration normally improves the results.

Well if there is no resolution there is no action to take and nothing to announce.
I’m trying to find a way that the news teams knows what needs to be announced.
Do you have a better idea?

On updating and creating the descriptions.

Most of the organisation discussion has no point to go as a news.

But it must be communicated so anyone know how we are organized, everybody can follow the organization and where there is something un-organized everybody can fix it.

For example: I see a new label was created on the issue tracker but I do not know when I must use them or what does it mean when one of the issue gets such label.

I can understand there are some points that are not important enought to reserver a full news but luckly we have monthly newsletter to include them.

Here is the new category Message Board - Tryton Discussion