Add menu entry to view a list of move-lines (read-only) / primanota

Sometimes accountants have to search for special move-lines or have to do some “debugging” withing their accounting. To find mistakes or special move-lines it helps to have a to list of all moves, making the lines searchable and/or ordered by any field.

Creating a new menu entry to show a list of all accounting lines moves (within a selected period), making the lines searchable and/or ordered.
In case of using the analytics-module it would be fine having costcenter available within this view.
The view (menu entry) should be named “Primanota”, so any accountant should get the idea of its content even it’s not a 100% fit.


It will be good that such view prevent creating new line because it is can not really work without the proper context set like with “Open Journal”.

I do not think this is really needed. Such period selection will be complex like in reporting and so it will miss the point. For me being able to search by date is enough.

I do not think it will be usable. Instead we should have also an menu entry to list the analytic lines.

I do not see why it should have a special name that is specific to Germany and that does not describe correctly the menu entry (the thing in Tryton that correspond the best is the statement).

This makes sense.

I assume by “search by date” you mean search/select a special day, but this doesn’t do it sometimes. I need a range to have a look at. Booking manually leads to errors like wrong date, wrong amount, wrong account or wrong/missing costcenter, so to find a wrong move-line I need to be as flexible as posible.

If one put in a wrong/none costcenter, it’s hard to find a wrong “none”-costcenter within a list of just analytic-line as long as not all the move-lines are shown.

Sorry, you are very right – stupid enough I trusted on Google translation.

No, I mean like any searchable date field.

I do not agree. We have a dedicated view that shows account lines that are missing analytics.
And if the user can check the analytic line list like the account lines, he has the same chance to find encoding errors.


sure, I can arrange myself with that approach :wink: