Add an URL in FODT-Document

With relatorio release 0.10.0 it seems there is now a way to add an URL in an ODF-Document. To archive this, I tried the following with the latest relatorio version 0.10.1:
My data model extends sale.line, has a field and a field line.link_text and the fodt-report has both variables in its record.

  1. Insert Hyperlink (Ctrl-K) in LibreOffice
  2. Fill URL with: relatorio://attrs text:a="{'{urn:xlink}href':}"
    and Text with: relatorio://line.link_text

Unfortunately neither the nor the line.link_text variables in the resulting report are parsed.
Using both fields in a placeholder with text format works as expected.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

It is only working since relatorio: 6e9be2c559ce on 0.10.1 because it requires to apply to itself.

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I tried with version 0.10.1 and it does not work for me. Is it correct, to insert the Hyperlink (Ctrl-K) in LibreOffice, or is it needed to edit the XML source? I add some screenshots and fix the version in my description.