Add a form view content as a notebook page

I need to know how to put the content of a form into a notebook page on a new form.
For example. Lets say I have a module “my_module”, and there is a form view with the next content.

   <label name="name"/>
   <field name="name"/>

Now, I have another module, “my_new_module”, and there is a form view, that is an expansion of the precedent form. I want to make something like this:

        <page string="Page 1">
            <the content of the original view/>
         <page string="Page 2">

The idea is to not rewrite (or c/p) everything on the new view.


For now, there is no solution to do that except define the notebook in the initial module. Or to replace the entire view.
But I think we could have a new position option to surround the target with a portion of XML. An initial idea would be:

<xpath expr="//field[@name="name"]" position="surround">
         <page string="Page 1">

It would put the selected tag in the deepest node.
But it should also allow to select sibling to surround.

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That would be great!
I tried to “hack-it” with postition=“before” and position=“after”, adding the corresponding elements. Of course, with no success.

And what about to “call” those elements, like saying “from this node - to this node” put it here or something else.
Something like
<xpath origin=“view_id” start_expr="//starting_node" end_expr="//ending_node" attribute=“some_options”/>

Sorry, I am not a computer scientist, so I don’t know if it is even right the idea I am proposing.

Thanks for the answer and the editing. I cannot find the upper … on my keyboard.
All the best.