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I’m working on tryton 5.0 and postgres 10.6. I want to know if tryton can search words with tilds and without it, it’s a common issue the some entries have and other no and sometimes the users duplicate records, in spanish is very common words like “Perez” and “Pérez” for example and many times is for the same word but tryton separates its (is the optimal usage, but sometimes is good to have these option). If tryton has the feature, how could it be activeted? Thanks in advance!

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It does it by default if the database has the unaccent method: Fields — trytond 5.3 documentation.
On PostgreSQL, you can setup it with CREATE EXTENSION unaccent.

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Hi all,

I’m sorry for bringing back this question but I’m having a similar issue and I cannot find why.

I have two related questions with this topic:

1. Searching accented words

I’m using tryton 5.0.15 and whenever I search an accented word I cannot find it. If I search it with the accent I can.

I’ve previously working with my database and after finding this problem I’ve executed inside psql the command you mentioned:


But even after this if I search a tier (person) which name is Célida I can only find her if I search “cé”. I cannot find her if I serch “ce”.

2. Autocompletion of many2one

Additionally, fixing this will fix the same issue in the autocompletion of many2one fields?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve managed to fix it myself.

To be able to install the unaccent extension is necessary to:

  1. Install the postgresql-contrib package. For Opensuse:
    $ zypper in postgresql-contri
  2. After this you should connect to your database (with superuser privileges)
  3. Execute the following command:
    $ CREATE EXTENSION unaccent;
  4. You’ll see the following answer:
  5. Restart postgresql and trytond
    $ systemctl restart postgresql

Thank you!

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