Account Statement: some invoice lines correspond to existing journal entries

In some cases, for example, a journal between two bank accounts, I already have an account move for a particular invoice line.

When I import the statement, I see all the statement lines on the “Origins” tab

The “Statement Lines” tab is empty.

Can I tell it that some of these lines on the “Origins” tab correspond to existing account moves?

No because this should never be the case.

This should be done with 2 moves using an intermediary account.

Is there any document or guide with a list of recommendations and best practices like this for Tryton?

I didn’t see something like that in other software.

This is general accounting best practice. Bank transfer does not happen at the same time in the two banks.

Is there any negative side-effect of doing this with a single journal?

The intermediate account would be an asset account? Do you know the name that is typically used for that account in English or French?

I agree that it is a good idea to use the intermediate account if the payments are in bank limbo overnight or more than one night. In some countries it still takes 2 or 3 nights to make a payment between two different banks. If the payment crosses the boundary of a financial period then it is not in either bank account on that night.

However, if it is a payment between two accounts with the same bank and the bank completes it within 5 minutes or less, I feel the case for an intermediate account is not so strong. E.g. all the UK banks do something called Faster Payments now and it is almost always the same day.

For Tryton journals have only practical use. It is just there because accountant wants them.

It is usually on the balance and as assets.

In French “Virements internes”.
I guess in English something like “Internal Transfer”.

But both sides are on different statements. So when filling the first statement you can not assume the second will contains the counterpart (ex: bank number mistake, bank error etc.).

Thanks for that, I found an example plan comptable where they use account number 1001 and the name “Virements internes de trésorerie”. I can add that to account_ch

Is there any template that can be used in Tryton to enter the correct series of account moves together?

Also, what series of account moves need to be created when there are two currencies? E.g. a company is using EUR as the base currency but they also have a USD bank account.

I do not know what you call “series of account moves”. Anyway this seems off-topic.