Accessibility of documentation

Following up on the now completed self-hosting of the documentation I am thinking about how to improve the access to the existing documentation for which I would like to gather some general feedback.

As already pointed out in this message there is a blind spot for many (if not all?) newcomers when it comes to the activation from the possible module set.

The following improvements come to my mind:

  • Put a link to the documentation in the clients near to the About menu item. This would be quite easily possible for the GTK client (tryton), an equivalent for the web client (sao) would have been to thought of.

  • Put a link the documentation into the install wizard.
    Either directly in the first screen (“You will be able to configure your installation depending on the modules you have installed.”) or in the module activation section (“You can now activate additional modules to the system.”).

What do you think?

It already exists: Add link to documentation (#11697) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

Oh thanks, true, I looked in the wrong version of the GTK client.

For sao I now know, but even as a long time user I had a hard time to detect that I have to press for F1 (help) to see that link.

So mainly the second point is still valid: I think it would be still desireable to have a link inside the install wizard.