Access previous attachment after upgrade on Docker

Hi, I have migrated from 5.4 version in venv to 6.8 in the Docker container following the this instructions, now Tryton allows downloading de file but I can´t open any previous attachements.
The attachements folder is placed in de “tryton-data” folder and trytontd.conf path is correct, I can store new files y the same destination folder and it works fine, I can download an view the document.
The only one diference i have seen is the files an folders owener, the older files have the “1000” owener however, the new ones have “trytond”.
I located a file and I changed the owner with chown command, but it didn´t work, It doesn´t seem to be any diferences between them.

root@dadab6cee6b3:/# find /var/lib/trytond/db/adjuntos/TC/ -user trytond -ls
2231078 4 drwxr-x— 2 trytond trytond 4096 Aug 23 15:48 /var/lib/trytond/db/adjuntos/TC/eb/c7
2231080 84 -rw-r–r-- 1 trytond trytond 82727 Aug 23 15:48 /var/lib/trytond/db/adjuntos/TC/eb/c7/ebc71776ccb7be5bd09e14b953fb3077
1836581 4 drwxr-x— 2 trytond trytond 4096 Sep 23 05:29 /var/lib/trytond/db/adjuntos/TC/45/e8
1842014 72 -rw-r–r-- 1 trytond trytond 69966 Sep 23 05:29 /var/lib/trytond/db/adjuntos/TC/45/e8/45e8ed1966cfe1026c20e13f6462f064

hi, IMHO it should work the way you did it.

It looks like you only chown one of the old files and its containing directory. Maybe you pick the wrong pair of attachment and file to test?
Also it is possible that somewhere in the path /var/lib/trytond/db/adjuntos/TC the user trytond has no access.

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