Access List Search widget in Tryton client using keyboard

How to access search widget in tree view using keyboard?

I use the example of searching for a party in tree Party/Parties tree view.

I tested Alt+S, does not work.
At the moment the best I can do is to press Tab 8 times.

If not I think adding a short-cut could speed up a typical work-flow significantly. Perhaps / is the right key for search?

Ctrl + l

Ctrl+l switches between form view and tree view.

I am asking if there is some way to select the text input field from the search widget while already inside the tree view.

My bad, I misunderstood you. It’s Ctrl + Shift + f

Thank you so much Nicolas. This helps a lot.

I did search the help both inside Tryton GTK client and but I was unable to find this keyboard shortcut.

I am probably missing it somehow, but if I am missing it it is quite possible that other people are missing it as well.

Perhaps this should be documented in the Keyboard Shortcuts / List/Tree Shortcuts (inside the gtk client)?

On sao pressing F1 opens the list of available shortcuts.
IIRC Tryton has the same behaviour.

So if you are missing this on the documentation I will prefer to let the user discover the available shortcurts instead of documenting them (as we will probably miss a documentation update).

It’s Ctrl + F1 for Tryton

(But the search shortcut isn’t in the list).

Thank you for the quick answers.

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@ced recommended to check the Form Menu where the Ctrl+Shift+F keyboard shortcut can be found among other useful keyboard shortcuts.

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I’m wondering if we should include in the tryton documentation a note explaining that all keyword shortcuts can be found under the form menu.

It would have saved me from asking on the forum, so I would vote for a yes. However I have already been wrong once in this thread :slight_smile:

On the other hand it is standard practise to include keyboard shortcuts next to menu items, so it should be expected by the user.

I am using other shortcuts from that list, but I somehow did not expect to find the search widget shortcut there.

I think there is a problem if we have to document where to find the discoverable shortcut.

I do not see elsewhere it could be.

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