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I am trying to use as you do in core modules with TOX library to automate everything a little bit. And it works perfectly as long as the my custom modules “depends” from core modules. If the module depends of another “custom module” I can’t get it to download from the git repo and install it from tox(setup.py)If I try to install the module from “pip instal git+https://…” works perfect. I imagine that my problem is in setup.py.

I would really appreciate some help about this.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You need to publish on a PyPI index your other modules like we do with https://trydevpi.tryton.org/
And of course include this index in the pip install command.

But now I must say that at B2CK we put all the customization in a single module per project. It is much more easier to maintain. And also this pushes us to propose standard solution for common customization.

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Another option is to add the URL on the setup, so you force pip to download the package for the custom URL. We had an example on our public repositories.

We follow the same aproach and this makes everything easier to maintain.
Indeed we have some projects where previously they had a bunch of modules and we normally migrate all custom modules to a single module removing features already implemented on upstream modules.

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The problem is that even on production installation you will install a random development version.

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