405 Method not allowed when attempting to access via web browser when installed via pip

Hello - I am new to Tryton so apologies if this is an obvious/ well documented problem.

I am using an PyCharm as the IDE where I have setup a virtual environment with fresh installation with the following packages:


I believe I have followed all the installation instructions (pip route) correctly as I am able to start the trytond instance and I have seen all the tables created in the database after having run tryton-admin. However, whenever I try to connect to the server using a browser it always displays a 405 “Method Not Allowed” error.

Probably super simple step I have missed - help would be appreciated

To connect to Tryton, you need to use a client. Tryton has three clients in base:

  • tryton, a native desktop client based on GTK;
  • sao, a web client based on HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap;
  • proteus, a python library.

If you want to access via browser, you must install sao as explained in its readme. Be careful to use the same feature release as trytond.

Hi Cedric,

Thanks for the super quick response. I managed to mess something up in the installation so I had to re-install to try again.

I believe I have installed sao correctly (version 4.2.2 same as trytond). However, I still have the same error when I try to connect via a browser. Is there another possibility that is preventing it from working as it should?

Please provide the logs of the server and also of the browser.

Thanks again Cedric for the quick response.

While trying to figure out how to setup the logging mechanism - I started trytond directly via the terminal (rather than via the IDE’s interface) and it started working. Whatever the problem is - it is not related to trytond or sao.

Thanks again!