Where to find party.party,sex and add "divers"

Hello! Where can I find the field party.party,sex ? Would it be possible then to add to “male” and “female” the third possibility “divers”? In GNU Health 3.8 at trytond/modules/party/party.py or party.xml I could not find it.

At modules/health/health.py there is:

biological_sex = fields.Selection([ ... and also gender=fields.Function(fields.Selection([....

but I think there should be a field party.party,sex somewhere.

Thank you very much!

Hi Edgar,

The sex field is not part of any tryton standard module but is part of the GNU Health customization.

You should send yuor request to the GNU Health project

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Thank you very much, Sergi! I was convinced that it would be a feature of Tryton, otherwise of course I would have asked first there. All the best, Edgar

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