Upgrading a neso 3.8 deployment

Hello again,

So I kept digging until I stumbled upon Tryton stand alone 3.8.2 and was a breeze to install with the help of an awesome Frenchman. I am running into one problem so far and have a few questions please:the
1- the problem: Tryton listens on port 8000 and I have opened the port on the firewall of the Server. I am still unable to get the desktop client to connect to the database. What am I missing?
2- the questions:
a- will the stand alone version of Tryton work just like all the other distributions/packages?
b- I understand that hiring a professional to do some module creation/ tweaking is the next step, is the source code to Tryton Neso 3.8.2 available somewhere on your site?
c- Is there an end of support date for Neso 3.8.2
D- is there anything else I should know about Neso? I plan to install it on a windows Server.
Thank you.

Hi ama,
I am in a similar situation as you. I started to get Tryton running for my startup about a month ago. In contrast to your experience I made good progress. However, I am using a linux environment and the install script from here Tryton Community / tools / Tryton installation and maintainance scripts for pip venv · GitLab
as well as the TrytonDACH book you find here https://www.tryton-dach.org/
have helped me a lot. This is all in German. However, the install script is in English. If you are not familiar with Docker, I’d suggest to try using a Python virtual environment setup. You could adjust the script to Windows requirements or, which could be a good decision too, use a Ubuntu Server. Installing a running system for testing on a Ubuntu server using the install script from above is a matter of 20minutes. After you are familiar with the system follow https://discuss.tryton.org/t/deploying-tryton-with-a-python-virtual-environment to deploy a production system.
Another very helpful post was Install Tryton in a Python virtual environment on Ubuntu
Both posts are from edbo.

The source code of neso is available on the old mercurial server:


Neso is deprecated since 4.0 series

If you want to upgrade to a newer version you need to install the server and the client on the same machine. Neso was just a wrapper that included both packages in one.

IIRC neso was designed to only be able to connect from the same machine, so probably the port is just listening to localhost. You should run a standalone server and make it listen to any address to be able to connect from another machine.

Thank you very much for the valuable feed back. I am trying to avoid terminal and command prompt use with all my might :-). From the looks of it I will have too. Best regards!

Thank you so much Sergi! I will try that solution because I liked how straight forward Neso is.