Update gnuhealth-client


I’ve tried searching the forums.
How do I update/edit the files in tryton/tryton/gui/window after installation? Where are they located?

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Hi, I do not have any experience with gnuhealth, but if your problem is related to a supported tryton version I will be happy to help.

Where these files are located depends on your installation. Installed by pip, a distribution? in venv?

I do not know any case where you would need to update/edit parts of tryton.
If there is a problem it is recommended to install the next minor version without a problem.
This might be a problem because gnuhealth probably use old and unsupported versions of tryton.

Maybe it is better if you explain what problem you have.

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Hello dotbit,

I’d like to make changes to this file

I need to make the changes without reinstalling.
I can’t find this file neither in my installation folder nor the site-packages.

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Hello @ced,

I’m sorry to disturb you, but could you please enlighten me on where I can edit the gui window file after installation?

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Like @dotbit said previously you shouldn’t have to do that.

Please explain the issue you’re encountering.

Hello @nicoe ,
I have the old version without tinymce. I want to update my old version to include tinymce without reinstalling. I don’t know where this file is located, I’ve tried to grep some keywords.

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