Tryton Community at FOSDEM'19 in Brussels

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Banner FOSDEM'19 Brussels 2 & 3 February 2019

You are attending FOSDEM’19 in Brussels and want to meet people from the Tryton Community? Please let us know if you are there.

We’ll meet Saturday at the Python stand at 17:15 and decide
what to do with the evening.

  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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(Cédric Krier) pinned globally #4

(Nicolas Évrard) #5

I might be there on Saturday, but after having taken a look at the schedule the python and postgresql devrooms are on Sunday. So I am not 100%, I’ll be there.

(Lars Wuerfel) #6

Being new to and caught by Tryton, it would be great to meet involved users and developers at FOSDEM.
Is there a place / time to meet, or some contact possibility to find each other?

(udono) #7

We will wait the vote to be closed. After this we can plan a meeting point and share
mobile numbers.

(Cédric Krier) #8

I think we should not wait as it close the day before the event.

(udono) #9

I was only once at FOSDEM, years ago. Do you have an idea where a good meeting point and time could be?

(Cédric Krier) #10

I think a good place is the Python stand. For the time, I guess it should be Saturday and I would say it is probably better afternoon (so we can guess everybody is arrived).

(udono) #11

Thanks. I put 17:15 as time, if there is no other proposal, as I don’t know the program,yet.