Tryton-alojamiento web


I am interested in the Tryton platform and I would like to have information on manuals about the installation of the platform in hosting.
What possibilities are there for the installation of open source ERP in a web hosting?
Thank you

You may be interested in Guide: Running Tryton using Docker.

Tryton requires python to run which is not available on a web hosting (normally they only use PHP)

I will recomend using a VPS and install tryton using docker as described in:

Ok I have some questions if you could advise me, please.

  1. I understand that it is possible to install open source software in the Google cloud, but a specific one like Tryton. How would be your installation?

  2. Can and how to migrate the cpanel and everything that I have hosted in a hosting, post office, web page, to Google cloud?

Thank you

There are several ways to install tryton (using docker, using a virtualenv, using system packages).
All of them can be used on google cloud as far as you rent a Virtual Server from there.

You will need to install the cpanel software in google cloud and copy your data files to the new server.