Saving a record without filling out all the required fields

I have a module in which a model has multiple required fields. In the form view, these fields are divided among multiple pages of a notebook. I want to save a record for future filling out without filling out all required fields, and I don’t want to reduce the number of required fields. I want to fill out only one page and save the record even though the required fields in other pages aren’t filled out. Any help on this matter is appreciated.

This is not possible, if a field is required you should always fill it.

What you can do is make the required attribute depen on some condition. For example making the fields of a second page required only if the first one is set.

Does it sound good to you?

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I can work with it.
Thank You.

Depending your module, you could also use a state field and a workflow (and use what @pokoli suggested).

You will have a model with only few required fields, but for state changing (switching from draft to validated for example), you require others fields to be filled.