Sale Discount Tryton module




Adds the discount field to the sales lines.

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #2

This URL is not found on gitlab server. Is this correct?

Did you know there is a blueprint to manage discounts? It will be great to have it implemented and part of base solution.


Oups, the URL is correct but the deposit was kept private, it is solved now.

Yes, I had seen it, but I needed this feature now. I can take the code to try to make it an official module, but it will be my first module … I just have to make a code review?

(Jean-Christophe Michel) #4

B2CK realized the following modules for us, that were updated to 5.0:

Their purpose is to be able to have a public price (fixed for each product) and an editable rebate on each line, with a default value coming from the party. The system is not perfect yet (there remains some problems for the lines generated by stock_consignment for instance) but works in production for our publishing company.

Maybe a generic solution for rebate or discount can be found from these contributed modules.