Register sales as paid - problem

I guess this occurs since the upgrade to v6.0 - but I’m not really sure about that. But registering payment worked nicely a few months ago, when I did bookings for the last time.

When finishing a sale and trying to register the payment and mark my invoice as “paid”, I get the error message:

Bildschirmfoto von 2021-08-06 20-54-54

The German text means:
"To create a booking line for account “1200 - outstanding debits”, party has to be removed from booking line “1200 - outstanding debits”.

I checked that account 1200, but is does not require parties.
How can I handle that?


o.k., solved my own problem, which I created myself.
I remembered to have changed the 1200 account to be able to do manual bookings. This seems to have annoyed the standard mechanism. Reestablishing “party required” solved the issue.


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