Purchasing and warehouses


(Richard PALO) #1

We have lots of purchases, and of all kinds.
There seems to be one key use-case that breaks with Tryton, notably the following

On big projects, during the RFP we will already have solicited major suppliers for project prices on selected materiel. Very frequently the purchase will be confirmed, but the delivery date and destination (e.g. directly to a particular worksite, or another, or to a company warehouse)

Currently it seems that the destination warehouse is locked at purchase confirmation.
Rather, there should be a means to override it on a product line basis as can be done for delivery date where both should be updateable even after confirmation (up until shipment reception).

No one else has come across this problem?

(albert) #2

Yes, we’ve seen this before. In those cases customer left the purchase in confirmed state for as much time as possible to avoid problems. Customer could still move back to draft state to make the desired changes.

But that is far from ideal and I agree with you that it should be possible (and easy to change the warehouse).

(Cédric Krier) #3

I do not think we should allow to change the warehouse of the purchase once confirmed because you can still change the destination on the waiting moves.

The design of the module allows to easily implement a custom destination location per line. But I do not think it should be the purchase module (maybe a new module but it looks overkill to support a module so few code).

Here also the delivery date can be updated on the waiting move.