Party/Country -> automatically select tax rules?

I notice that it is necessary to set the tax rules for each party manually when creating the party.

Has anybody looked at linking default tax rules to the selected country?

For example, if I create a party and select any country that is outside the VAT zone, can Tryton automatically add the non-VAT tax rules for that party?

Some countries have tax-free zones, e.g. the Samnaun valley in Switzerland. In this case, the correct tax rules can be applied using a combination of country+postcode.

There is the account_tax_rule_country module which is designed for your use case.

They module only accepts the subdivission as filter. Is that enough for your use case?

For the Samnaun valley in Switzerland, the subdivision is the Canton of Graubunden (Grisons in French).

Most of the Canton is not in the duty-free zone.

A specific post code is essential in this case.

There are similar cases in other countries too.

Then the pattern should be extended, probably by accepting a regular expression like the carrier_subdivision module does.

Added a proposal related to this discussion: Add postal code to match account tax rule