Open socket warning during trytond startup after system upgrade

I upgraded the system packages on my Tryton server this weekend, which included an upgrade to Python 3.8.13, and now there is an open socket warning when trytond starts that wasn’t there before.

Not sure if this is a real issue or not, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Fwiw, this is a “new” install in a new venv created after the upgrade. Initially after the upgrade trytond wouldn’t run due to a libxml2 version issue (libxml2 was another of the sytem upgrades), which seemed to be the result of lxml hard-linking to the system library during install (according to Google), and was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling lxml in the venv. However, although that got trytond to start, there were run-time issues communicating with the tryton client. At that point I created a new venv, pip installed trytond, trytond-product and trytond-purchase (only), and copied over the old trytond.conf file. Now trytond appears to be working correctly, just with the new open socket message at startup.

880 34374492160 [2022-04-12 19:31:16,962] WARNING py.warnings /usr/home/tryton/trytond/env/lib/python3.8/site-packages/werkzeug/ ResourceWarning: unclosed <socket.socket fd=4, family=AddressFamily.AF_INET, type=SocketKind.SOCK_STREAM, proto=0, laddr=('', 0)>
  self.socket = socket.fromfd(fd, address_family, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

I can post more if anyone wants to see anything in particular.


That seems to be a warning for werkzeug. Maybe due to an old version.
If you are using old Tryton version, this may be fixed once we managed to deal with Howto deal with Pallets Projects dependencies.

Glad you can tell what it means @ced :slight_smile:

I’m using the current version of Tryton, but will assume this isn’t a real issue.

trytond version:

(env) [tryton@starlord ~/trytond]$ env/bin/trytond --version
trytond 6.2.6
(env) [tryton@starlord ~/trytond]$

Python version:

dale@starlord:~ % python3 --version
Python 3.8.13
dale@starlord:~ %

trytond venv module versions:

(env) [tryton@starlord ~/trytond]$ pip list
Package                       Version
----------------------------- ---------
certifi                       2021.10.8
charset-normalizer            2.0.12
defusedxml                    0.7.1
forex-python                  1.8
Genshi                        0.7.6
idna                          3.3
lxml                          4.8.0
passlib                       1.7.4
pip                           22.0.4
polib                         1.1.1
proteus                       6.2.2
psycopg2                      2.9.3
pycountry                     20.7.3
python-dateutil               2.8.2
python-magic                  0.4.25
python-sql                    1.3.0
python-stdnum                 1.17
relatorio                     0.10.0
requests                      2.27.1
setuptools                    56.0.0
simpleeval                    0.9.12
simplejson                    3.17.6
six                           1.16.0
sqlite3                       0.0.0
trytond                       6.2.6
trytond-account               6.2.5
trytond-account-invoice       6.2.3
trytond-account-invoice-stock 6.2.0
trytond-account-product       6.2.1
trytond-company               6.2.0
trytond-country               6.2.1
trytond-currency              6.2.0
trytond-party                 6.2.0
trytond-product               6.2.0
trytond-purchase              6.2.2
trytond-stock                 6.2.4
urllib3                       1.26.9
Werkzeug                      2.1.1
wrapt                         1.14.0
(env) [tryton@starlord ~/trytond]$