Next unconference for 2022?

I ask myself if both dates could be too early for participants needing a visa or having a long travel? Maybe autumn around October would be better.

Thank you, Udo to bring up your concern about the fairly short term planning: it’s about 3,5 months. But I really hope this does not exclude anybody who wants to join - if so, you really have to blame this on me.

Did I miss the official announcement / save-the-date-call for the unconference?

Please save the date - now for real.
Sorry, for the turbulences. After some discussion with the foundation we fixed the date :wink:
May, 22nd - 24th (Monday to Wednesday) in Berlin, about 10:00 - 18:00h (the time may be changed by +/- 1 hour), more detail to follow …

  • Day 1 (Monday): “mixed”: talks/workgroups/(presentations?)/sprint
  • Day 2/3 (Tuesday/Wednesday): sprint
    location: Berlin - inmedio

I hope, I’m able to prepare the “offical” announcement by tonight.
Hope to meet you in Berlin :wink:


Now, it is official :wink:
I hope to see you all! :wink: