Next unconference for 2022?

That’s a very good idea and I welcome the fact that you’re proposing yourself (and others) to organize that.

If I must be brutally honest I must say that the part I enjoy the most during the Unconferences is the code sprint :slight_smile:, it’s dynamic, we can work together on some issues, when required we can show something or explain something quickly to the people interested eventualy while projecting some slides.

But the talks at the conference, it’s not exactly my prefered experience (although I can see the utility of a talk on the way Tryton handles database indexes).

I wonder if other people are like me and if so, if we shouldn’t try to make something with more code sprint and less “formal” talks ?

Well there is another part that I enjoy the most :beers: :beers:

I think we should not consider what we like the most but how to engage more people with the community. And this means adding talks about showing the good parts of Tryton for users and for developers.

P.S: Beers aside, I like more to give talks than doing codesprint

Yes, I agree that talks are way way better to reach out to people outside of the community.
But that’s not what I prefer (and quite frankly I am running out of subject ideas).

Hello Nicolas, hello Sergi,
I’m getting your points and I’ll really like to get more proposals from your side. So far I got:

  1. beer"ing"
  2. coding
  3. talking
    … I guess, that’s why you/we name it Unconference :wink:

Jokes aside, I’m more on the users not developers side, to me it is quiet important so get overview of ideas and what is going on. And meeting you crazy everybody.

Just thinking: Perhaps we should make only one tough day of “conferencing”. And the other (three) days we’II have just 3/4-hour-panels for presentation, which could be transfered live to the next room with the sprinting team as background video …

To attract others it might be an idea to use something like meetup (I do not use so far) and reserve some 2-3 afternoon-hours for it.

Maybe we can also use such format, 3 days of codesprint with small talks meanwhile focused to developers but a single day of talks focused to end users. This way everybody may attend to the part that it likes the most.

Sincerly, the format is something that we can also adapt latter. For me the most important part is to find an affordable venue for the event. Did you reasearch for some places to the event? Note that the place for the sprint requires a lot of tables for the laptops, while the place for the talks not (altought we may use the same location if we can adapt it).

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Sure, location is first! I’m working on it.

Yes whatever suits you :slight_smile:
I know both are important and that they’re not targeted to the same people I just wanted to share my feeling about the talks and the sprints.

Hi Pokoli sorry by my late response :S, I would like organize in Colombia but maybe 2024, because in this moment is difficult for me and that give me time for to do organize nice unconference, but I want to go the next wherever its realize

Berlin would be great, I would like to give a talk about our modules maybe Dashboard Manager, Hotel or Maintenance Management, or our library FastAPI - Tryton.


Great, so we wait for your proposal for 2024. Just lest focus on next one for now!

That will be great. Once we have the date and the venue will ask for a call for papers where anybody can propose her talks.

Please save the date / Tryton (Un)Conference Berlin 2023
I did some reservation for a location and I am just about to book. So, I kindly ask you, if anyone might have any objections on Apr., 17.-20. or alternatively Apr., 24.-27.2023.
I now it is getting late, so please give me a feedback if it is too short term (and must be postponed) or ok for you.

Hi Richar,

Great news that you did some progresses so far.
For me both weeks are ok, we just need to consider that we will be in development freeze on both weeks which will prevent to include new features for tryton during the code sprint. The 6.8 release is scheduled for 1st of may doing the release after the release will have the benefits that:

  • We can talk new features that are already released on latests series
  • We won’t be on development freeze, so anyone will be free to contribute to Tryton.

Do you think it will be possible to move it before the release?

Hi Sergi, you got me confused :wink:

Are you saying May or early April would be better. First week of May is difficult (national holiday). I could check the second/third week of May. Early April is not really working because of Easter/Easter-vacation time.

I think any week after the second week of May will be great.

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I would not suggest that things be rescheduled on my account, but I have a conflict May 24-27. The other suggested dates work for me.

I am very glad to hear that an unconference is being scheduled this year and, whether or not it works for my calendar, I send my support and encouragement!


I ask myself if both dates could be too early for participants needing a visa or having a long travel? Maybe autumn around October would be better.

Thank you, Udo to bring up your concern about the fairly short term planning: it’s about 3,5 months. But I really hope this does not exclude anybody who wants to join - if so, you really have to blame this on me.

Did I miss the official announcement / save-the-date-call for the unconference?

Please save the date - now for real.
Sorry, for the turbulences. After some discussion with the foundation we fixed the date :wink:
May, 22nd - 24th (Monday to Wednesday) in Berlin, about 10:00 - 18:00h (the time may be changed by +/- 1 hour), more detail to follow …

  • Day 1 (Monday): “mixed”: talks/workgroups/(presentations?)/sprint
  • Day 2/3 (Tuesday/Wednesday): sprint
    location: Berlin - inmedio

I hope, I’m able to prepare the “offical” announcement by tonight.
Hope to meet you in Berlin :wink:


Now, it is official :wink:
I hope to see you all! :wink: