Newsletter May 2024

During the last month we focused on fixing bugs, improving the behaviour of things, speeding-up performance issues - building on the changes from our last release. We also added some new features which we would like to introduce to you in this newsletter.

For an in depth overview of the Tryton issues please take a look at our issue tracker or see the issues and merge requests filtered by label.

Changes for the User

CRM, Sales, Purchases and Projects

We’ve moved the language field on the party form to the header.

Accounting, Invoicing and Payments

Tryton now ensures the payment amount is greater than zero.

Stock, Production and Shipments

We’ve added a code with a sequence to the production bill of materials (BOM) to clearly distinguish similarly named BOMs.

We’ve also added a shipped state to the customer shipments.
The shipped-state becomes handy when the delivery process takes a long time.
After being packed now the delivery can become shipped or done (similar to internal and drop-shipments). The transition packedshipped will delete the staging outgoing moves.

As stock lots are not associated with a company, we now ensure that sequences used to generate their numbers are not be linked to a specific company to avoid access right errors.

User Interface

We updated the TinyMCE in Sao to version 7 (see external changelog).

In all of our Tryton clients the user can now close tabs by clicking on them using the middle mouse button.

To avoid accidentally changing configuration values for external services, we now raise a confirmation warning when changing the credential settings in the following modules:

  • account_payment_braintree
  • account_payment_stripe
  • currency_rs
  • document_incoming_ocr_typless
  • stock_package_shipping_dpd
  • stock_package_shipping_mygls
  • stock_package_shipping_sendcloud
  • stock_package_shipping_ups
  • web_shop_shopify

System Data and Configuration

We’ve standardized the format of pictures used in Tryton. Product and avatar images are converted to RGB with a resolution of 300 DPI, so we can rely on a consistent printed size.

We added a description field to the product image which can be used as the alt property on websites.

Now reports in Tryton can be printed with a company logo in PNG-format (for transparency support).

New Documentation

We added section anchors to each option of the configuration documentation. To refer to the docs of an option, you can now use e.g. Email settings <config-email>.

New Releases

We released bug fixes for the currently maintained long term support series
7.0 and 6.0, and for the penultimate series 6.8.

Changes for the System Administrator

The logging messages generated by modules and the bus have been unified.

The CSV import now handles the :lang= suffix when it is appended to a translatable field name.

Changes for Implementers and Developers

We’ve added partial support for the Unique and Exclude constraints in the SQLite backend with UNIQUE INDEX as long as they do not use parameters.

A python-format flag is now added to the PO-files.

Authors: @dave @pokoli @udono


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