Nested loops in .odt or .ods templates using relatorio

Hi. I am having trouble defining a template for a report.

I need to get a report that looks like the following image:

To do this, I have defined an .odt template using nested loops that looks like this:

However, when I run the report I get the following result:

I tried the same in an .ods template but I get the same result. Have I missed something? Can I get the result I expect using relatorio? If so, how?

Thanks in advance.

Looping inside merged cell is not supported because the related merged cells would need to be updated the spanned value according to the number of new cell created.
One way it to create a new table in the cell.

This proposal has provided me with a solution that I could use. I have inserted a table inside the cell and defined the loop in it:

And I got the following result:

However, I assume that this cannot be done in an .ods template because tables cannot be inserted into a cell (or am I wrong?)