Migration to ldap3


Tryton has the ldap_autentication module that’s used to autenticate users to and LDAP server. Currently python-ldap is used to talk with the ldap server. In order to support Python 3 (and other python implementation like PyPy), we should replace python-ldap by ldap3.
In addition, we would like to implement an optional mechanism to automatically synchronise LDAP groups with the Tryton groups.



Knowledge in Python and knowledge of LDAP

Difficulty level:


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I think porting the ldap3 is to small for a GSoC so I propose to add also the implementation of a mechanism to automatically synchronise LDAP groups with Tryton groups.


My name is Yolande Amate from the University of Buea, Cameroon. I am proficient C, C++ and python and I would like to work on this project.


Good, you should read: https://discuss.tryton.org/t/google-summer-of-code-2016/66
and try to submit a first patch following: http://www.tryton.org/how-to-contribute.html

You can find the LDAP configuration docs in http://doc.tryton.org/3.8/trytond/trytond/modules/ldap_authentication/doc/index.html

Please, I would like to be assigned the following bug Issue 2647: Missing implementation of drop_column for SQLite - Tryton issue tracker , as I am presently working on it.

@ced can I assign the task to myself.

@yland, register yourself at https://bugs.tryton.org then you can assign the issue to yourself

Just to clarify: Under normal conditions for a Tryton developer, an issue is assigned to you by yourself when you start working on it, later on conditions may change, but usually you want to finish your issue :slight_smile:

It’s just for those issues related to the GSoC that the assignation process seems different.

@kstenger, Thanks for the directives.