It's Tryton for me?

Good afternoon everyone,

I have been following you for a few years and I want to ask you if you see Tryton mature for our company or if you have similar clients. Our company is a food / beverage distribution for the HORECA channel in Spain: local business, with a warehouse + five accesses + basic POS + 3 vendors with Iges PDA software from adzgi company. We now have a Sage Eurowin, but, the support life cycle is running out. It is time to change! and I look for alternatives.

I think that accounting, sales, purchases, stocks, etc. They already fit us, but I do not see a management of distribution and settlement routes of own distributors.

Do you think it is an option that can be considered to compete with:

Thank you very much for your comments

Hi Ferran,

Welcome to our comunity forum.

We’ve recently had an oportunity for a company that also had Sage Eurowin. They plan to change for 2021, so we are slowing waiting for it’s response.

Altought there is no oficial module that implements the distribution routing there is a discussion to desing it. We started this discussion as we had some customers that had this functionality developed as custom module and we are looking for a standard solution.

I work for kopen software which is also based on Catalonia. If you want to get in touch we have our contact details on our website