Is it possible to install tryton server on a windows desktop?

Hi is there a way to install tryton server on a windows? I’m looking for a non docker ver

Yes it is doable because it is a Python package like any other so you can install it if you have a working Python environment.
You may have trouble with some dependencies that requires to be compiled (but usually they have pre-built wheels).
But it is not advise to install the server on Windows. Any core developer does it and so you will be alone and mainly without any support.

Besides getting a PostgreSQL database server up and running, you need Python. For that you can install Anaconda ( which already comes with a bunch of packages including pip (you can also start doing science if you want :smile:) . But you need to be a bit careful about using pip see
It’s a nice challange though :sweat_smile:

thanks but im looking for a step by step guide on how to do this. If there is can anyone link me

Now you are ready !!!

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Hi so ive installed all those things. what should i do next


  • create a config file (your_trytond.conf) and one database in postgresql (your_db)
  • run trytond-admin -c your_trytond.conf -d your_db --all (put admin password)
  • run server: trytond -c your_trytond.conf (you will see Running on http://[::]:4545/ (Press CTRL+C to quit))
  • open browser at http://localhost:4545
  • login with user:admin and … that is all !!!

P.S. read the manual


I tried going to (main python folder)/scripts and run trytond but it just gives me filename not recognize. The folder contains a trytond file and also a tryton-admin file. Is there a step that i should be doing to run it

I have now able to run trytond-admin and trytond server. My next issue is whenever i access the localhost server it just gives me error. I can already see the text running on localhost:8000 on the cmd prompt. I also tried the desktop client found on the python main page v5.0 and it returned error when connecting saying “incompatible version server”.

What should my config file contain? I already have database in there. Also whenever i start the server it always gives me a warning to set timezone

This means that the version of your Tryton-server is different from your Tryton-client. Tryton wants to have both version the same except the last digit. So check your version of the Tryton-server with

trytond --version

And see if this matches with your Tryton-client version. Example: if the output of the command above is like trytond 5.4.7 your client should also be 5.4.x. As I mentioned before the last digit doesn’t matter, only the first two.

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hi thanks. i have it work now. I can now finally connect to the server. All is good now

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