How to set HS and country of origin of products

Still in testing process I struggle a little to find my way around.

I would like to add “hs-code” (ideally taken from product-customs tariff-code when adding the sales line) and “country of origin” to the new sales line of a product.
Both values need to be attached to the sale, they may change as the products can be produced in different countries and also the tariff code of the products may change when the classification is revised. But the sale (or the purchase) need to reflect the values from the order date (just as the product price).

Is the product_attribute module the correct way, then how to use it? I managed to add attributes to products, but can not find how to use these when editing a new order of the product.

Or should I add this simply as description to the product?

Maybe I am completely wrong - I would be greatful if someone could give me a hint how to proceed.

This is managed by the customs module.

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