How to override a context report flag?

How can override the context flag address_with_party=True on a report?
For example on purchase_request_quotation

I end up editing the record for party.address.format, but it’s not the best solution:

        <record model="party.address.format" id="address_format_es">
            <field name="country_code">ES</field>
            <field name="format_">${street}
${postal_code} ${city}

I hope we can find an alteernative.

You cannot but why would you like to not display the party with the address?

I want to display the party name but in the format desired for the client. Some of the frequent asks for all the reports are:

  • Increase the font size of the name.
  • Party name in bold and the address in normal.
  • Party name and Identifier in a certain zone of the report and the address in another zone.

In all the cases the party_name is necessary but I prefer to invoique manually in the specific zone and format.

As there is a loop on the address line, you can have a different style for each line using for example a simple test as:

<when test="quotation.supplier_address.party_full_name in line">

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