How to force tryton to recreate an invoice report?


I have a case here where I noticed that the client’s name was wrong after I posted and printed his first invoice (if you need to know, we only discussed via facebook chat, where his name is not his real name…)

So, I corrected the party name, the sale and invoice in tryton corrected themselves, but now I need to reprint the invoice with the corrected name… I know that this is not normally allowed, and for good reasons, but is there any manual way in which I can override the normal behaviour and «trick» tryton into doing it ?


This is discussed on Strategy to generate a new version of the invoice report
But if you do not have the account_invoice_history module activated, you just need to clean the invoice_report_cache and invoice_report_cache_id from the account_invoice table for the specific invoice. This must be done by SQL until the above topic is solved.

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