How to create articles with an infinite number of variants?

I would like to sell domain names, like eg. “”, but have some trouble modeling a “domain” product (actually, a service subscription):

It needs a per-item text field to contain the actual domain name, and, of course, the due date when the domain is due for renewal. Obviously, it is not feasible to make every domain name their own article, but I don’t know how to create those “variants”. Also, I need to track their due dates, and also, domains may have different workflows as per TLD. I have looked through the description of ‘Product’, but am none the wiser.

I do not see the point to have a product for each domain name.
There is a single service sold (indeed subscribed) and you can just put the domain name in the description of the subscription line.

But there are different price and workflow per TLD, so I would make one product per TLD and one subscription per domain.

Indeed - some TLDs require eg. a company registration, while others can be sold without restrictions. Also, they all wildly differ in purchasing price. But if I can put in the actual domain name in the description on a per-user basis, then that’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! @ced @nicoe